How to Make a Cupcake Charm

cupcake charms rainbow loom

Our cupcake charms are originals! We came up with this idea after devouring a cupcake that our mom made!

We decided to make ‘chocolate’ cupcake charms, but you could also make vanilla cupcakes, using yellow bands instead of brown.

We think the red bead is the perfect finishing touch for the cupcake, but you can still make it without one.

rainbow loom cupcake charms

Here is our video tutorial on How to Make a Rainbow Loom Cupcake Charm:

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25 thoughts on “How to Make a Cupcake Charm

  1. Cassia says:

    hi loom love,
    i loved all of your patterns, but not this one. it was all good until i got to looping the bead. my band snapped and rubber bands were flying everywhere.
    worst pattern ever!

  2. Sarah says:

    OMG!! This charm is adorable! I messed up the first time because my loom wasn’t set up properly, but when I did it again is was adorable!!! A small suggestion to you guys out there: instead of a bead, you can wrap a red rubber band around the hook 4 times, then slip it onto another rubber band. That is what I did!

  3. Machine says:

    I created this charm using a FunLoom board which meant that I couldn’t make the pegs even. Instead I created the charms while the pegs were in a staggered position, and it still came out wonderful! I love using the charms as things to attach to my earrings!

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