8 Easy Bracelets for Rainbow Loom Beginners

easy rainbow loom designs

When we got our Rainbow Loom back in September 2013 we started out with the Single and the Fishtail pattern. Once we mastered those we searched Youtube for easy bracelet tutorials, but we quickly discovered that most patterns weren’t labeled, so it was impossible to know if they were suitable for our skill level . As a result, we had to fumble our way through some difficult patterns, which at the time, seemed very frustrating.

If you are new to Rainbow Loom you’re probably like we were back then – scouring the net for easy tutorials that won’t leave you in the midst of a complete Rainbow Loom Fail. That’s why we have rounded up eight of the easiest Rainbow Loom bracelet designs that we could find. Once you’ve accomplished all of these patterns, you’ll be well on your way to taking on more advanced designs.

1. Single

single rainbow loom bracelet

2. Squared Single

squared single rainbow loom

3. Fishtail

rainbow fishtails

4. Double Band Fishtail

double bandes fishtail

5. Railroad

railroad rainbow loom

6. Triple Single

triple single rainbow loom7. Diamond

diamond loom bracelet

8. Bonbon

bonbon-rainbow loom

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68 thoughts on “8 Easy Bracelets for Rainbow Loom Beginners

  1. Kaylee says:

    I already know how to do most of these. But, I’m wondering: for those who don’t know how to make these, why didn’t you post video tutorials? It would be easier for them.

  2. Brittany says:

    I had just got my new loom for Christmas, and have tried acopole of these that I thought were easy but the bonbon always fell apart when I tried to make it. I really loved the fishtail and the railroad though.

  3. BrooklynShoeBabe says:

    Thank you for this. I’m still a beginner. Mostly I do the bracelets using chopsticks, but I’m looking forward to trying the more “complicated” beginning bracelets like the double fish tail and the railroad.

    • Samantha says:

      The railroad is the same as the triple single accept not filling the middle row with elastics on the loom and the double fish tail is the same as the fish tail just using 2 elastics instead of one. They are fairly simple the kids that i work with just showed me these today and i already know how to make several different types.

  4. Kendra says:

    I had my little sisters do these (6 and 7 years) since they both got looms for Christmas, and they can do many of the harder bracelets including starburst. Thanks guys!

  5. Julia says:

    Great bracelets I’ll defiantly make some of these but one question, was it hard to surf through YouTube and decide which skill levelwould fit each ?

    • Lynnzie says:

      I totally agree literally about YouTube because I type in some bracelets I wanted to do and some think penguins at the zoo pops up Lille literal peniguins not loom peniguins actual peniguins????????and I go on this website and boom I’m figuring out how to make bracelets like crazy thanx 4da people how made dis website

  6. Maddi???? says:

    I absolutely love these loom bracelets. You must be very talented if you know how to do all of those bracelets.
    Thanks for this website it is so useful.
    Sincerely Maddi ????

  7. Eve says:

    love this website! I got a loom for Christmas and I cant stop making them. I started with the single than railroad then I did the kaleidoscope one and I just finished the fishtail and I think the next one I’m making is the triple single cause it looks awesome! I invented this bracelet where you make a single or fishtail but when you’re done make another one clip one side of the second one on the first one and the make other side of the second one loop so it makes a bracelet with a ring and a sort of (bracelet/string) in between. I hope you understood what I meant and sorry if it was complicated!

  8. Eve says:

    you can see what I meant by, going to home, pressing the pic with written something like wacky loom contest winner, it will show pics of the five top of the contest including the winner. scroll all the way down and before the comments, you will see a small pic written something like 20 best for wacky bracelet contest. press it, then, you will see the same pic with a paragraph, near the end of it, you can see written vote here in purple underlined, press on that. then you are at this facebook, scroll down till you find this pic near the right corner that looks like a bracelet with a ring around a finger attached to it. Press it and make sure it says something like myyyyaaa macaroni bracelet and you can see what I meant by looking at the ring attached to the bracelet. Sorry about the really complicated stuff and hope you look at it and make a tutorial for this even if it is really easy to make. Thanks ;)

  9. prissy girl 101 says:

    I just got one for Christmas and I barely know how to do anything but thx 2 u I know how 2 do a whole 2lot more thx so much your the best whoever u r
    and do you know how to make all the bracelets if so post some more

  10. Tiarna says:

    My kids love it and they are so easy to make a found some where that Does not need a flim clip because Internet is slow

  11. Angel says:

    Thank you soo much!!! You’ve really helped me to make these bracelets and I’ve started selling them with some of my friends to my class in school and they love them!

  12. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together! My daughter just started making bracelets. I wanted to find different styles for her to try, and it was really confusing on YouTube to figure out which patterns were easy or advanced. This was exactly what I was looking for!

  13. TinkerBell says:

    I would like to be able to do these when I get the bandaloom set… All my friends have got some and I am the only one that hasn’t. I can’t wait to try these designs when I do get the set.
    I have already learnt how to make the fishtail and the single one, it is so amazing how easy they r when they look so complicated…

  14. AbbyLuvsLooms says:

    I LOVE RAINBOW LOOMS but i need a video of how to make a starburst bracelet with FINGERS ONLY because i dont have the original loom and its really confusing TY :D

  15. sarah says:

    hi I got some loom bands for my birthday and I didn’t now how to make them but thanks to this website I now know how to make triple singles,fishtails and original loom bracelets I taught some kids at school how to make them. A lot of them wanted me to make them one. I wonder how hard it was and how long it took to figure out how to make the looms? My favourite colours are dark blue,green,red and yellow. Loom bracelets are a lot of fun to make. I hope in the future more loom bracelets,rings,necklaces and a lot more things will be invented. Thanks for inventing and showing me how to make loom bracelets I wonder how many other things can be made out of loom bands?

  16. Awesome says:

    ???? love these… All I know how to make is a fishtail… I got is many and these made looming more interesting, thankyou!!! (I am usually very bad at following instructions but these are simple thankyou thankyou :) )

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