How to Make a Pencil Charm

pencil charm

Add some cuteness to your boring old pencils with this flower pencil charm!

While you are at it, why not make a Pencil Grip?

Here’s how to make the Pencil Charm:

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37 thoughts on “How to Make a Pencil Charm

  1. Rachael Breedlove says:

    okay, Got one question can you make a pokemon ball charm. My brother wants one and I can’t make it alone????

  2. Megan says:

    Awesome site! I was wondering if maybe you could some how make the panda charm into a character bracelet? If you cant i understand. :)

  3. Coolkid365 says:

    Great video, nice website. I just made mine with my ocean blue and dark teal bands. On a total unrelated note, could you please post a tutorial on this mermaid charm my friend made? Thanks.

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  5. Hermione Granger says:

    Very nice! So cute but I got a bit confused at the end… I still managed to make it :)
    BTW, I found out that it looks SUPERcute if you put the double daisy charm on your pencil the same way that you put the pencil charm on :)

  6. Arianne says:

    This is so cool! Ive been reffering to this site for all of my creations.. I put this flower charm on my endorsement pen for my duty in the hospital, and lots of my co nurses likes it too.. Two thumbs up!

  7. Codydopuppyfacegirl says:

    I love it we were celebrting spring day at school and could dress flowe crazy so i made these into a neclace us ing the charms and the bigger one (the one you only us a hook for)and everyone loved it

    tnx for the tutorial

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