How to Make a Double Triple Loom Bracelet

How to Make a Double Triple Loom Bracelet

Number of Bands: Approx. 95

We are loving the look of the Double Triple loom bracelet – especially in the above color combo.

The bands get pretty tight, so you need a fairly long extension on this bracelet.

The tutorial that we used to create this bracelet is this one:

We found the instructions weren’t that clear on making the extension, so we used this video for that part.



6 thoughts on “How to Make a Double Triple Loom Bracelet

  1. Jenna says:

    I have a craz-e loom, but evreything i find on the internet is “rainbow loom” :( I really love making bracelets but i do not have enough money for the rainbow loom I just wish there were more things for the craz-e loom….

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